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1996- The numbness in my fingers and the pain in my hands and arms was so bad, I couldn't even hang clothes or do anything unless my elbows were resting on something. I went to see a neurologist. I was diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

I first had the surgery done on my right hand, because it was the worse one. It was the most painful surgery I ever had. For weeks, it felt like my wrist was on fire. I had to wear a brace for 4 weeks. I learned quickly how to use my left hand to do just about anything, even play bingo. 6 weeks after the first surgery, I had my left hand done. That one was even worse than the other.

1996- The pain in my arms and hands was getting worse, I went back to the Neurosurgeon and he sent me to a vascular surgeon. They ran a bunch of tests and I was told that I had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. It was usually caused by a neck injury and the only times I ever had my neck injured was when Gaston would throw me on the floor and kick me in the head. I had to wear a neck brace once because of such an injury. Doctors told me it was probably what caused it. He had been dead for 12 years and he was still hurting me. They said I had to have surgery because I had it for so long and the damage was so severe, physical therapy wouldn't help me.

1996- I was admitted in the hospital for the thoracic outlet surgery. I was suppose to be there for 2 days. I woke up from surgery, in intensive care 4 days later. I have no recollection of them 4 days. They told me I had lungs problem from the anesthesia. Did I mention I have Emphysema? It felt like the whole right side of my chest, neck and arm were on fire. After 5 days, I came home. It was hot out and that made the burning even worse. I spent most of the summer carrying ice packs. I had 4 grandkids to watch, so I was outside most of the day. It was hell.

1996- Neither the Carpel Tunnel nor the Thoracic Outlet Syndromes surgeries did any good, as a matter of fact it was worse. I wake up 6-7 times through the nights with pain in my arms. I went back to see the Neurosurgeon. He said there was no use to do the left side because the right side didn't help at all and with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in both wrists it would be worthless to try to fix the other side. I went through all that pain for nothing. The only good thing about the surgeries was that after trying to get Social Security Disability for 3 years, I finally was approved. They wouldn't approve me before, because there was a chance that the surgeries could fix my arms problem. A big $430. check instead of the $125. a month I was getting from the state.

By the end of August, I had constant pain in my legs and feet also. My family doctor checked me for all kinds of diseases. He had checked my sugar back in 1990 and told me then, that I had diabetes but after checking it again the next morning fasting, he said he was wrong. 6 years later he decided to check it again. Would you believe that he told me I had Diabetes and that I had it for quite a while because I now had Diabetic Neuropathy. in my feet and lower legs. On a scale from 1 to 13, my sugar was a 12.5. I was given a few prescriptions to lower my sugar and a low Carbohydrates Diet. I soon found out my stomach couldn't handle Nutrasweet or Equal. I had to quit drinking Pepsi. Almost everything has carbohydrates except meat. I never was a big meat eater, I prefer vegetables and fruits and they're all loaded with carbohydrates. Oh well, life goes on.

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