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Midi: To Know Him
By Big Pappy

Me, at T5, where I met Chuck

Me, meeting Tammy at T5

Me, meeting Tammy 2nd time

Me in Chuck & I's 1st home

Me:Nicole L Lachance

The Both of US: Chuck & Nic

The Both of Us:Chuck & Nic

The Love-Birds: Chuck & I

The Love-Birds:Chuck & I

Chuck in 1980

Chuck, in 1980:Chuck

Chuck in 1993

Chuck, in 1993:Charles H. Canode

Chuck in 1994

Chuck, in 1994:Charles H. Canode

Chuck in 1997

Chuck, in 1999:Charles H. Canode

My Long-Lost Daughter Danielle Buck & her Family

My long-lost Daughter & her Family:Danielle Buck & her Family

My Daughter:Chantal A. Rippeth

Daughter Chantal

My Son: Jacques A. Mercier

My son:Jacques A. Mercier

Jacques's Fiancee: Rose-Ann Rodriguez

Jacques's Fiancee:Rose-Ann Rodriguez

My Daughter: Tania H. Lachance

My Daughter:Tania H. Lachance

Tania's Boyfriend: Dustin Glass

Tania's Boyfriend:Dustin Glass

Chuck at BINGO

my honey at Bingo:Charles Canode

ME after BINGO

Me :After Bingo

Chuck Bald-Headed

Chuck Bald-Headed

Chuck's Brother Willie

Chuck's Brother Willie

Last Time Edited: February 16, 2004